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Sea Breeze hair….

Do you guys remember that episode of Friends where they went to some tropical island and poor Monica’s hair ended up like this?

An episode that I have laughed about for years because it is my hair….totally.  We shot a wedding in Mexico one year and I didn’t have the chance to get it chemically straightened before we went and it was a nightmare!  Talk about finger in a light socket effect!  So the next wedding we shot in Jamaica I made sure to have my hair all nice and straightened before hand….heck living in Va. alone will give a girl with natural curl a big old head of frizz.
I admit it…I have grown used to chemically straightening my hair with a light relaxer each May.  It gets me through “the embarrassing hair” season.  This year that will not be happening of course because of baby so if you see me out side with “light socket hair” you will know what the heck is going on.

Well I have passed down my naturally curly hair to poor Haley.  While it can look nice, curly hair is an upkeep nightmare.  I have found that when I was younger that the longer it was the easier it was to manage.  Hence why Haley will always have long hair…or at least till she is old enough to handle a straight iron and a bottle of Sleek all on her own;-) My poor mother never had a clue what to do with mine and just gave up.  Hair mousse changed my life once upon a time.

But I love her hair….love it!  So pretty!
Granted the first thing we both say after that first shower once we get to the beach is “did you bring some conditioner?”…which we always forget and have to go out and pick up.

So I have been working on teaching her the fine art of dealing with “beach hair”…so not an easy task.  Between the wind, salt, sand, sea and humidity one day on the beach and we both have dread locks.  I used to braid her hair but she is at the age that she wants to have “control” over how she is going to wear it.  Which is just fine with me.  Sometimes these things are best learned by just letting them jump right in and learn “cause and effect” .

Yesterday we head out and within the first five minutes it went something like this…

and then it started getting frustrating..
and then a few little tears…

and then mom to the rescue with my lovely “beach headbands”…truly the only option for us frizz heads…
(also on sale at CVS this week for buy one get one free!;-))

so we get back to the house and she is all: “Mom why is my hair such a pain?”
Me:  ”OMG!  Are you kidding?  You are beautiful!”
and she is all: “Really?  Do you think so?”
to which I love my skills with a camera at this point because I am all like:
“Hold on a second!”

Grab my camera and prove to her that she is indeed beautiful even with what I tell her is “Super model hair!”

love those freckles!

“Ok mom…enough pics….I like my hair.”

Love that a camera can make a little gal feel better about herself like that:-)

tiffani sunshineMay 25, 2011 - 2:31 pm

i cannot believe how quickly she is growing up!!! so beautiful!

RobinMay 25, 2011 - 4:06 pm

Oh, Tisha! I can SO relate to this post!! I have this hair, too. I cannot wear my hair down at the beach. But I do love the flexibility my hair give me in normal circumstances. I can wear it straight, curly or something in between.
And I love, love how you are reinforcing her beauty. She IS gorgeous and those eyes are killer. You’re such a good mama!

TishaMay 25, 2011 - 5:11 pm

Tiff~ Me either! Seems like yesterday she was running around playing with My Little Ponies and now she is all about shopping and “looking pretty” :-( Wish these kids would stop growing up on us so fast!

Robin~ Awe! Thanks lady! You are pretty good at this “good mama” stuff yourself ;-)

BeckeyMay 25, 2011 - 6:03 pm

….and now you know why Beckey is frequently seen from Spring until October in a matchy-matchy do-rag!!! I feel your pain, sisters….I FEEL your pain! : )

AnneMay 25, 2011 - 11:06 pm

I don’t even bother blow-drying my hair on humid or rainy days… it always ends up frizzy! :)

[...] Screen shot from Friends // Image via OhRambleHill  [...]

Officially on “beach time”…

Oh how I love “beach time”…
I am naturally a very laid back person and beach time just fits me perfectly!

So yesterday was our first day of our last family beach vacation before we add Lucas to the mix …we went to on of my favorite places on the planet…
Pea Island.
I am lucky enough to have been in some pretty amazing places in this world and can say that even though the Outer Banks just aren’t that far from “home” they are our “happy place”.
I know we could go to some other amazing beach…probably my second favorite in the world was Guana Cay Island but jumping in a car and being there in a few hours just isn’t possible.   One day I will get back there with Daryl and the kiddos…cause that place is magical as well!
But for now…Pea Island and the Outer Banks win.

So first day on the beach went something like this…

adorable children…

Lots of ball tossing…although Spike was like “ya right!  You think I am going to give up this ball! ”

Sand in his eye though….he did not enjoy so much….

Cookie was loving beach time although she was never fast enough to actually get a turn with the ball…she still looked adorable…

and look!! I found an eye ball!:-)

but it was hot so we made them a little “tent” they seemed to love…

and of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without Haley digging to China and relaxing in her homemade “beach chair”…

and just to prove I was there too…. in all my “beached whale” glory…

but I found out the hard way that Lucas has added to my laundry list of  pregnancy woes… “sun sensitivity”…Thanks son…mommy loves you anyway;-)

No need to be jealous of those legs and feet…they ended up ridiculously sun burnt and splotchy.  Poor Daryl…I was like “23 years!! Have you ever known my legs to get sunburn in 23 years!!!  WTH?!  I even put 15 on!”  I was smart enough to put like 77 on all the parts that normally can burn but my legs and arms never have…..boooooo.
Ok I am done whining and they are all ready turning to a tan but I am still amazed at the changes a baby can make.

Oh and because Aunt Jill couldn’t make it down with us I promised her a few little video snippets of Cookie on the beach…we miss you Jill!  Poor Aunt Jill..we always tease her that Cookie has no idea how to be “a dog”…she spends the majority of her time with Jill being the “baby”.  Now you have the back story on why we laugh that Cookie must hate hanging out with us and being “a dog”…but on the beach…she loved “being a dog”!  At least till we got home and “being a dog” involved an “authentic dog bath” under a garden hose in the yard.
Oh the horror!
She is finally talking to us again though;-)




tisha’s 365 { #88

Oh the cravings…
I have wanted nothing more in life than Duck Donuts for months…
They are hands down the best donut on earth.
Old fashioned cake donuts with maple glaze…

and I swear (fingers are crossed) that I only had this one.
And if you believe that….I have this bridge I would love to sell you;-)

TonekaMay 22, 2011 - 10:39 pm

I am so unbelievably jealous right now!! YUM!!! They look amazing!! I think Nathan might be having to have a late night run to the store for some donuts!

Cause they care about our kids…

Yes, we homeschool so the kids do not go to a regular school setting.
But they do go to a co-op one day a week and have every week for this entire year.  Basically these fantastic woman have taken care of my kiddos and taught them some amazing things this year.

Yesterday was their last day for this year and that can only mean one thing…teacher gifts.
This brought up the debate on what does one buy for a gal who has taken care of your children all year, sent countless e-mails, given them many smiles?
Have  you seen the price of gas?  How in the world would I give each teacher the amazing gift I really felt they deserved but unfortunately just do not have the money for?

So it hit me…I am someone who always appreciates items made by hand and with love.  Don’t get me wrong…store bought is great…but sometimes knowing that someone took the time to actually hand make something.  Well it is indeed a bit more complicated than just walking into a store and picking up something.

So I asked the kids “What should we give your teachers as their end of the year gift?”
Haley piped in with a “What about the jam!”
See it’s strawberry season over here and that means lots of jam making.

Perfect….so the kids helped me put together care packages for their teachers.
So the big dilema was how to package jams and salsa?
A trip to Michaels, a few baskets and a cute dish towels later we were all set!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

That about wraps it up! (haha..get it “wraps it up”…I crack myself up)
As your childs school year comes to an end don’t forget those sweet teachers who give so much to your child through out the year.  Alot of the times they have the whole “Give $10 to the classroom mother for a teacher gift” but you know…personally I just feel like I need to do something a bit extra/more personal when we can.  Some years financially it is easier than others but why not have your child make a little “thank you” card if nothing else?  Often I give free photography sessions to their teachers but that is out this year because of the baby.
It is the little personal touches that show just how much you really do care.
At least that is my take on it:-)

tisha’s 365 {#87

This is our sweet Afton’s beloved “Mousey”….
Afton has been an “honorary Mccuiston” now for years…
She started spending the nights over here when she was 4 or 5?
She is soon to be 11:-(
Why must these kids keep growing up?
But this is her much loved “Mousey”
I see this little guy on our weekends with her and I just see her as a 5 year old
all curled up with him.
See I even get this attached to children that aren’t even mine….
But anyone who has met our “honorary Mccuiston” knows that she is a special little gal.
Oh mousey…you make me get all teary eyed.


A bear teaches us that if the heart is true,
it doesn’t matter much if an ear drops off.
~Helen Exely

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