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Fried Green Tomatoes…

I can remember being a kid and loving green tomato season.
My mom would fry up these huge batches of green tomatoes, okra, mushrooms etc… and then we would all eat as many as we could stuff ourselves with.
The only thing that has changed is now I am the one who makes them for my crew.
Except Okra….after having to cut mom’s okra for the local farmers market for all those years I swore them off.  I shall never grow okra…they hurt and the flashbacks are horrific;-)

So I know these days you can walk into any grocery store and pick up “a mix” but I am telling ya…this is like the easiest thing to make and no fancy mix is required.  Heck I was making these by the age of 12 on my own…cause I am a green tomato junkie.

Last night we had the first of our season!  Woohoo!

Ok this is easy…I really don’t even have to get too fancy with this one.  There is zero “measuring”.  It’s “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” type of creation.

Start by slicing them…I am adding in squash on this one cause I normally use it as well.

Slice those suckers up!  If it is your first time cut a few thick and a few thin and figure out which way you prefer.

Grab a bowl and throw a nice scoop of flour in it….now add in some of your favorite spices.  For this batch I used:

white pepper
red pepper flakes (for a little kick)
ground flax seed (I sneak flax seed into everything I can that the kids won’t notice)
bread crumbs (this just gives it a bit of texture…a bit of cornmeal will do the same)
Baking powder (just a dash…this lightens the batter a bit while frying)

Now I just throw it all in “to taste”.

Add in water…just add some in… stir..add some more

and just keep adding till you get it into a tempura type of batter.
I like mine a bit thin for a crisper tomato…thicker makes a puffier version.  Much like pancake batter.

dip those yummy veggies in the batter and plop them in a pan with some hot oil and get to flipping.

Keep an eye on them and flip them every few minutes.  Typically they will only take a few minutes to brown up and then it is just about time for some eating…

But oh no!  You are not done yet!
You need “the dipping sauce”!
We just added this one in, in the last few years.  I think we picked up the idea at Maggiano’s one night.
All you need is a good Ranch dressing and a tad bit of lemon juice.

Merge the two…
and now you are done!




BrandyMarch 22, 2012 - 6:46 pm

I am so glad I found your recipe. I have very happy memories of coming to your house after school and you making us a batch.(Then eating them all until I was sick!) I have tried for years to make them as good as yours, now maybe I will be a little closer. :)

TishaMarch 22, 2012 - 10:05 pm

LOL! So funny the things people remember over the years :-)
I hear that about a few things…the fried green tomatoes…the fried chicken (which by the way the recipe is also on here)…and homemade biscuits. Well and any dessert…never met a dessert I didn’t love to make and eat!
I am counting down the days till tomatoes are back in season! Not long now!!

Baby Lucas update { 25 weeks

Well…here I still sit…all pregnant and happy to be!
Lucas is quite the trooper.
I really do think he has been the easiest of the three.  By now with both Adam and Haley I had been in the hospital if not once…twice.
Lucas…not even once!
So the whole “older mom’s have  harder time” thing isn’t really floating over here.
Has it been easy?
Heck no…just easier than the first two…lol!

I am still dealing with contractions for about 4-6 hours solid each day and some days are way worse than others.  There has only been one night that I wasn’t sure we weren’t going to end up at the hospital so they could stop the blasted things.
But I muddled through and he stuck tight.

I know that my contraction issue is the whole Irratable Uterus thing and not necessarily changing anything.
Just something I have to “suck it up” and deal with.
So today we had another Cervical check ultrasound.

Basically when I had Adam and Haley I was on bedrest with these contractions mainly because there just wasn’t a way for them to know if the cervix was really going “to hold” or give out.
Now they have these wonderful ultrasounds to keep an eye on them and as long at everything stays a certian length I remain “free like a bird” (albeit “light duty”) but as they told us today…the second it changes I may be facing down a lovely vacation at the hospital…

So for now we have been taking life 2-3 weeks at a time.
Every check that we get the “still in the safe limit” is a celebration and the knowledge that I am still allowed to keep going.
So today bought us another 3 weeks (baring anything popping up in between) and the happy thought that this little one is getting close to the 28wks that will give him a very excellent shot at survival if he decides he has had enough.

I suppose it is finally safe to “make the baby room”…because yes, we have still done very little in way of prepping for this little guy.
Maybe it is because he is the third and naturaly when you get to the third baby you are in the thinking of “we will just throw him in the mix and keep on trucking”….rather than the whole “everything has to be perfect for him…perfect room..perfect crib…etc…”
This go around we know he will be sleeping in the craddle beside us for months,
nursing on demand…
I hate bottles…making them and cleaning them and the cost of formula are my pet peeves…
that’s right…I nurse them because I am a bit lazy and a bit cheap.  Shoot me;-)
I wear the babies and hate a stroller most days…except to “carry the camera, purse, and diaper bag”.
and these things all added together  just lead to procrastination…lol!

I suppose we will get around to getting our act together in the next few weeks?
Work?  Well I think yesterday’s session may be one of my last for the Summer.
Va. heat + third trimester will= HELL  I am afraid it will be down to only shooting friends and current clients who don’t mind me being reallyyyyy slow.
Not to mention editing….I normally edit at night but these days I spend most nights trying to get contractions to stop.  I would rather not become known as a “slacker”.

The good news is I normally bounce back pretty fast after I have them so I should be back at it in September if I have my way..
just in time for the Holiday season:-)

Let the count down continue…

AnneJune 3, 2011 - 5:09 pm

Yay! Glad to hear things are going well! :)

Stephanie GJune 3, 2011 - 7:44 pm

Way to hang in there, Lucas! Hope the time passes quickly for you as you approach the finish line, Tisha.

Herb Ice Cubes { Gardening Chronicles 2011

Oh how I love my fresh garden herbs.
Normally I dry them out but this year I had this “time saving” idea…
Why not use the food processor?
(which you guys know I am addicted too)
…grind them up and make “ice cubes”?

Sounds strange I know…but seriously short on time and wanted to try out frozen fresh herbs instead of dried.

It went something like this…went out to the garden and cut a bunch of fresh oregano…
washed it…


I peeled off the leaves…I probably could have processed the stems but I prefer the leaves.

Added them to the food processor…

grind them all up..

and then stuff the chopped up herbs into a good old fashioned ice cube trays…
I added just a little bit of water to help form the cubes once the tray went into the freezer…
After they were nice and frozen I simply popped them out and added them into a freezer bag…
be sure to put the name of the herb and date harvested and frozen:-)
I shall be using these this week in a nice crockpot soup!

AnneMay 31, 2011 - 10:04 pm

What a great idea! Hey… we need to get together soon! I need some lessons in canning! :)

Such a “poser”…

And then there is Spike again…
Funny how such a small creature can play such a huge roll in a family, isn’t it?
But yet there he is…our faithful little buddy.

He loves “his people” like no other 10lb dog could.
Especially Daryl.  They are thick as thieves those two.  Spike is Daryl’s marathon training partner.
This dog can run 10 miles easy with Daryl on any given day.

So why would he not expect Daryl to take him out surfing as well?

So this dog never leaves our sides and if one of us isn’t home we are all going to “hear about it” and how unhappy he is until all of us are home or accounted for.
He knew Daryl was up to no good and was determined to not let him go back out again…cause he really hates it when Daryl is out in the surf.
He paces back and forth on the coast line every once and awhile getting brave enough to hit a wave and promptly realizing his little self is no match for the ocean.

He pouts…sulks…
and stands guard…

And if all else fails he decides to become “a poser”….bets on whether he would really go out on the board?
betcha if Daryl was right beside him he totally would…but his mother will not allow that to happen..
he shall remain a “poser”;-)

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