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So proud of my man…

Just have to give a shout out to my man…so proud of him!
Daryl just finished the new website for Shalom Farms and I love it!!

The kids and I have been inspired by Shalom Farms and working hard on coming up with a Summer plan for “giving back” within our own community. I am sure we will be spending many an hour out at Shalom as part of it and helping out where we can this Summer:-)
Keep up the good work out there guys!


I may just start “making up” casting calls…

Ok so my friend Armin e-mails me a link to the casting call going on here in Richmond for the part of Tad Lincoln in DreamWorks feature film shooting in Richmond, Virginia this fall!  Well I gab with Adam…you know…the boy that loves video games and hiding from my camera but has these killer eyes and has just always been “pretty”…ok I know…handsome but really the kid was born “pretty” I can’t help saying it because it really is the only way to describe him.  The girls are already melting over those pale blue eyes, dark features and sweet smile.  We are in for it!

So anyway…I am sure you are sick of hearing me gush over my boy but it can’t be helped.  Can any mother help but gush over their kids?  No worries though I have no illusions that he will indeed land the actual part of Tad.  I suppose it could happen but really the boy would be thrilled to be an “extra” or to just try out.  We are homeschoolers…half of everything we do during the course of a week is for nothing more than to have “the experience”.  How many kids in can say they auditioned for a Dreamworks movie?  (Well soon enough, bunches here in the Richmond area:-)  We are all about trying new and different things and with homeschooling we can arrange their schedules all around to fit a movie schedule to be extras next Fall if they can get on board.  How fun and cool to see how a movie is filmed?  A few years back I actually did the behind the scenes still shots for a movie being filmed locally and it was so neat to see how the behind the scenes works!  The kids would love it!

So here is Tad Lincoln and as far as looks…Adam could totally “pass”.  He did get invited to the initial audition on Saturday!

Can Adam act?  Uhmmm…I have no clue?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  He has never really tried other than a acting class at co-op a few years ago.  Will he have fun trying out…yep!  It’s an adventure!  But an adventure that finally made my boy all excited to let me take his picture!!  Holy crap that made my year!  I am telling ya…I am going to make up pretend “casting calls” at least once every few months just so he gets all excited to work the other side of the lens for me:-)



So maybe next month I will tell him he maybe able to try out for ____________???
(insert name of a make believe casting call here;-)

AnneMay 12, 2011 - 7:33 pm

He looks so handsome!!!! Break a leg, Adam!

dorieMay 12, 2011 - 7:38 pm

Good for him. I have two of my guys from my choir hopefully going to this as well. I hope one of them is Mr. Tad Licoln!

BobbiMay 12, 2011 - 9:00 pm

He certainly is handsome and has a very rememorable look, best of luck to him!

TishaMay 12, 2011 - 9:43 pm

Thanks guys!! We are totally just doing it for fun :-) Just a good chance to try something new and I am sure we are going to see alot of his friends there. Especially since most of his friends happen to be in the “9-11 year old” field….Richmond isn’t that!

The Garden Chronicles 2011

Oh how I love love love being outside and in my garden!
It is my “happy place”!  If I could have acres to work with I would be thrilled but I am totally working with .45 acres and sharing that with a house, kids and well…nature.
So I am a random gardener with several garden “plots” all over different places within my yard.
I make due;-)

So this years gardens are coming on along and figured I would share some shots as we go along this season.
Something about helping something grow and oh how fantastic it all tastes!
Gonna start off by showing the difference a few weeks makes!

From this in April…

To this right now…

My favorite part right now would be the lettuce…I think I have had a salad everyday for the last month!
From this….

To this…
The tomatoes are just getting started…
How could one not love a tomato called “mortgage lifter”

The beans are popping up…
Hopefully they will do better than last year….they totally flopped last year.  The bugs won that battle.

Squash and zucchini are off and running…
Now to see if I can keep my hands off the blooms this year instead of making the fried squash blossoms I am craving!

Go carrots go!

Check out the peas last month…
But they are finally taking off!

Onto the potatoes Haley planted…so far we haven’t killed them Yet… 

And then there is the pumpkin bed.
Pumpkins? you may ask…
Well turns out during the winter we just threw the Halloween pumpkins in the bed and left them there.
So this Spring…Poof…hundreds of pumpkins:-)

I have thinned them out and thinned them out…
but they keep coming so maybe they will actually give us some pumpkins?
I do know that my Thyme, Cilantro and Oregano are LOVING the compost those pumpkins gave them!

Oh and check out the kids flower bed…they have total control….
Hence the blue boat?  I guess the plants needed a decoration?
then there is my “nursery”
Basically where I stick all transplants from friends and family till they are old enough/big enough…
to venture out to the harsh world.
The brown bin is our worm farm with a bucket under it to catch all the wonderful worm juice
(and yes, that sounds nasty doesn’t it?)

So…that is it to this point.  I will keep ya updated for all my fellow garden geeks:-)
Just remember you don’t have to have a huge space to create a garden.
Gardens happen big and small!




Just One DonnaMay 13, 2011 - 9:47 pm

Looking good, but really now, no fair showing me up like this! What zone are you in? Maybe that explains why your garden looks so much better than mine. Im hoping that’s it.

TishaMay 13, 2011 - 10:54 pm

LOL! I think we are zone 7 :-) We normally get warm weather fairly early and just have cold days sprinkled in…I am from Ohio originally and I can tell ya I love Va!!! I hate cold weather!

Homage to Aunt Jill…

Well it is officially Mother’s Day…
I dread this day most years because it is such a reminder of who is missing in my life and from the world.  So I try very hard to just ignore the day and go on…but figured this year I should take a moment to talk about “Aunt Jill”.

I know you guys have heard me mention her a million times and the number one question we always get is “Who is Jill? ”
It is a very long story but one that is very happy…and I love a happy story.

Jill is my bff…but more than a bff she is more like a sister…often like a mother…sometimes like a daughter.  It is often a relationship unlike any I have ever heard of.  I will have to say I am the luckiest gal in the world.
I not only found my “soulmate” in Daryl…
But my “Soul sister” in Jill.

Not many folks are lucky enough in life to find not one but two people that they couldn’t imagine life without.
When I think back to high school years there are few people I remember the actual moment I met them and how.
With Daryl I remember every detail and with Jill too!
Jill gets to tease Daryl that she has known me longer than him…which is hard for many to say since we were so young.
I met Jill outside of the Home Eq room our freshman year of high school.  We hit it off pretty fast and really there was a whole gaggle of us that were all good friends.  We would all bake each other cakes for birthdays and had a fantastic time being totally hyper active and I am sure overly annoying to many.

Jill has always been a “shy girl”…not sure what she saw in me?  I am most definitely not described as “shy” or “quiet”.  Perhaps that is why we meshed so well?  I pulled her along for the ride and my gabbing talents made her shy self not even be a blip and brought her right into anything I was doing?  Who really knows but we clicked.
We could literally spend 8 hours at the mall…never buying a thing…and not really sure what we even did?  I just remember we had fun and laughed alot!

Fast forward to 5 years ago…

I have a busy photography business…2 small children at home that I stay home with…Jill was already the children’s Godmother and “Aunt Jill”…never missing birthday’s and we were together as often as we could be with 10 hours between us…then she  gets laid off from her job in Ohio.
I say “Hey why don’t you come down here for the Summer and help me with the kids so I can work and you can stay in the third floor playroom!?”
Jill says “That would be great!”
And the rest is history…
She lived on a air mattress for that first year until we finally all agreed she wasn’t going anywhere!
My children adore her….I love having the extra “mommy hands”…and Daryl has never minded either.
She just became part of our family…
Apart that I am not sure we would be able to live without 5 years later?
I am positive the kids would need therapy if she ever left.
She is simply Mom #2.

I love that if anything ever happened to me that my children have this amazing woman who knows everything about them and loves them like her own.
That is so valuable!  You can NEVER have to many people that love your children…NEVER.

My other girlfriends that have yet to meet Jill often say “I could never live with another woman! How does that even work?”
(because the ones who have met her and know her know how fantastic she is and why this all works)
The simple answer would be that she loves to do the things I hate and I love to do the things she hates.
I love cooking but hate doing laundry….
She hates cooking but loves doing laundry…
I love doing yard work…
She is desperately allergic to the outside world…
Cookie dog drives me nuts…
Cookie dog makes her heart swoon…
She cries at every Hallmark commercial, sappy story line or well…anything…
I am not really one that cries much but when I am she cries with me…
We are both “nurturers” by nature and love taking care of everyone around us.  This works out great because when you are that kind of person seldom do you have anyone who “takes care of you”…well Jill and I definitely “mother hen” each other to death.
If she isn’t home from work on time I am calling and making sure a mass murderer hasn’t snagged her.
If I am not following doctors orders you best bet I am getting a lecture.

So the kids have gotten older and the thought of Jill may have moved on was sad but hey….we are adding a new baby!   She can’t go anywhere now!  We are doing it all over again;-)
She will once again be the center of another little one’s world and Mommy #2 will be here and part of our family for years to come no doubt.  If she ever wanted to leave and start a family of her own I am sure we would be over the moon excited for her but anyone who knows Jill knows she is very content being single and not dealing with a relationship.
She has just never been a gal who needed to get married and have kids.  I think we fill that life up and she knows my kids will be taking care of her in old age just the same as us and they love her and can’t remember life without her.
The ongoing joke around here is that by the time this baby no longer needs us Haley and Adam will be starting their own families and they will surely need an Aunt Jill for their children to grow up with.
Because growing up with an Aunt Jill is such an amazing thing:-)

Love ya sis and I can’t imagine our life without ya as part of this family!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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