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tisha’s 365 {#78

Sunny!  Darn cat….best stay out of mama’s garden;-)
He knows too…see him running from
He made it up to me later by gifting me with a dead mole he caught out of the garden.
Such a hunter.

tisha’s 365 { #77

Spring garden all planted and starting to grow.
Sometimes I wonder why I find something as labor intensive as gardening so rewarding?
The battle against weeds, bugs and disease can be exhausting…
The commitment can be …well a commitment…
But it all comes down to taking the time to help and watch something grow.
There is a magic in it.
Each plant is a little miracle and gift.
It gives what it can and leaves me with seeds for the next year.
Such a metaphor for life.

Work hard…
Fight the good fight…
Give give give…
Receive and thrive with the gifts of time and love others invest in you…
Leave something behind for the next generation…
The rewards lie in the happiness of your gifts to others and small successes.
Sums it up I suppose.

Halfway to the finish line already?

This morning I noticed on my little “What to Expect” iphone app that this baby is now sitting in week 19!

When did that happen?
Where have 19 weeks gone already?
Holy crap we haven’t really done…well anything to prepare for a new baby around this joint.
I don’t even own a single baby or pregnancy book!
I am sure half of it for us is always the feeling like this really isn’t happening.
With so many losses over the years you just kindof find it hard to believe when one of these little ones decides to stick around.

I find that no matter how badly I want to get all excited and run out and buy everything….
read all about babies again…
about nursing again…
I still hold back for the next milestone.
“I will start getting the room ready after the next ultrasound…after the next visit…after the next blood test… ___________” (insert whatever procrastination appointment you can think of)

So we are merging over to the side of believing we are actually going to have this baby!
Next week is the big anatomy scan and finding out the health and sex.
Nervous wreck and excited mess all at the same time.
Will lightening strike?
So easy for those who have never been struck to say “Oh geeze you are worrying about nothing!”
Yet they have never had that huge bolt land directly on their head.

Sigh…one more week than the real excitement can start.
Really…It can.
I am attached…very attached at this point.
This little one kicks me constantly and I love feeling those little reassurances that all is well.
I feel like feeling this one so much, so early on, has been a gift sent straight from God.
His way of reminding me all is going to be just fine.

Last night Adam asked me if babies sometimes don’t make it through delivery.
Nothing like having to tell my sweet 10 year old that life is often full of not so happy endings.
I told him though that every moment spent with this little one, even in my tummy, is a gift.
That for me I enjoy every second with all of my babies God gives me and only he knows how long we all have with each other.
I told him I will gladly enjoy the time we have and not focus on what time we may not have all together one day.

He seemed at peace with that answer for now.
So am I.

NickiApril 19, 2011 - 3:01 pm

I am grateful that when I had my second child the first was too young to think of the ‘hard’ questions. Even though my baby is now 15 I can still remember the immediate attachment – actually with both children. I have no doubt people thought I was crazy because I talked to my stomach – mainly read stories each evening to my daughter, and then when pregnant with my son, she greeted my belly every evening with a “hello brother”. It sounds like things are progressing well with you – and what a neat app to help you learn more about your baby.

ArianneApril 19, 2011 - 3:10 pm

So much love. <3

AnneApril 19, 2011 - 9:23 pm

I’m so happy for you, Tisha! We need to get together soon… xoxo

BrendaApril 19, 2011 - 11:58 pm

What a wonderful feeling it is to feel the babies movements. Enjoy :) I think that was a sweet way to explain to your son.

Angela2932April 20, 2011 - 11:57 am

Such moving words! What an exciting, but vulnerable feeling, time for you! Your attitude sounds so perfect, and I’m cheering for you on the sidelines that all the news remains positive.

Down on the Farm { Field Trip Friday

This weekend it was time for Haley’s final dance competition of the year…
Now this is good for me…bad for her.
She LOVES her some dance!  And while I love these competitions and watching her perform…13 hours of dance while pregnant….not so fun.
This one was in Roanoke…about 4 hours from our house.
But as tends to happen everywhere I go…we have friends there;-)

These are very special friends!
Just so happens Mrs. Susan was Haley’s very first preschool teacher many moons ago…
not just any old preschool teacher but a fantastic Montessori preschool teacher!
Loved her!
And it just so happens that Susan’s little boy Donovan was Haley’s best buddy…but more like
“Partner in crime” back in their 2 year days.
They are all of  a few days a part in birthdays even.
So they haven’t seen each other in years!

Some of you may remember last year though when a special little guy came into the world with a big bang
and ended up in the NICU I volunteer in each month and of course I was right there with some hugs and a camera…
(I hear rumor normal people bring food? Me?  I bring a camera…)

but guess who is now a big boy?!

Oh but this was Haley heaven…farm country.
Goats, chickens and ducks oh my!
And Donovan…her fellow “goldfish killer”
(back in their preschool days they were busted feeding the class fish way to much…which then promptly died)
onto goats!

“Hear you can hold it!”
Oh the glee!
and oh how adorable this little goat was…
“You hold it like this”

and if you are Haley…you really wanna take it home;-)
but the chicks!!  Oh the chicks!
You really can’t forget the chicks….

and loved getting to catch up with not only Susan and her clan but Stacey and her clan!
Also friends from back in preschool days…
Such sweet gals with gaggles of sweet kiddos…

and then came the ducks!!
that’s right…ducks!!

oh and the puppy…can’t leave out the puppy..
Who really likes to frolic with the goats…and chickens…and ducks…
it’s a rough life!

So Susan did nothing to make me not want to buy goats and chickens…maybe even a duck or two.
Oh how one day I would love to have a little farm all our own.
Guess I will just have to stick with our little suburban homestead and live vicariously through my farming friends:-)
Thanks for having us Susan!!!
Haley promptly asked “Can we come back here next year when my competition comes?!”
And of course the answer is heck ya!  Wouldn’t miss a chance to hangout with this fun crew again!


Edited to add:
Oh!! And the importance of learning the fine art of “goat riding”…
Also lots of fun;-)

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EstherApril 18, 2011 - 9:25 pm

Oh my..these photos tell such a fabulous story! I love the processsing on them too…that little boy is too big he has gotten! Perfect. Thanks for sharing!

NickiApril 18, 2011 - 10:07 pm

What fun pictures – I actually thought the goat was a big cat in the first shot. I can only imagine this was a fun fun fun trip.

TishaApril 19, 2011 - 12:16 pm

Thanks guys!! We had alot of fun :-) I totally need a pet goat now! Someone pointed out that Tori Spelling keeps a pet goat in the house…wonder what Daryl would think of that? HAHAHAHA!