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Cause they care about our kids…

Yes, we homeschool so the kids do not go to a regular school setting.
But they do go to a co-op one day a week and have every week for this entire year.  Basically these fantastic woman have taken care of my kiddos and taught them some amazing things this year.

Yesterday was their last day for this year and that can only mean one thing…teacher gifts.
This brought up the debate on what does one buy for a gal who has taken care of your children all year, sent countless e-mails, given them many smiles?
Have  you seen the price of gas?  How in the world would I give each teacher the amazing gift I really felt they deserved but unfortunately just do not have the money for?

So it hit me…I am someone who always appreciates items made by hand and with love.  Don’t get me wrong…store bought is great…but sometimes knowing that someone took the time to actually hand make something.  Well it is indeed a bit more complicated than just walking into a store and picking up something.

So I asked the kids “What should we give your teachers as their end of the year gift?”
Haley piped in with a “What about the jam!”
See it’s strawberry season over here and that means lots of jam making.

Perfect….so the kids helped me put together care packages for their teachers.
So the big dilema was how to package jams and salsa?
A trip to Michaels, a few baskets and a cute dish towels later we were all set!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

That about wraps it up! (haha..get it “wraps it up”…I crack myself up)
As your childs school year comes to an end don’t forget those sweet teachers who give so much to your child through out the year.  Alot of the times they have the whole “Give $10 to the classroom mother for a teacher gift” but you know…personally I just feel like I need to do something a bit extra/more personal when we can.  Some years financially it is easier than others but why not have your child make a little “thank you” card if nothing else?  Often I give free photography sessions to their teachers but that is out this year because of the baby.
It is the little personal touches that show just how much you really do care.
At least that is my take on it:-)

tisha’s 365 {#87

This is our sweet Afton’s beloved “Mousey”….
Afton has been an “honorary Mccuiston” now for years…
She started spending the nights over here when she was 4 or 5?
She is soon to be 11:-(
Why must these kids keep growing up?
But this is her much loved “Mousey”
I see this little guy on our weekends with her and I just see her as a 5 year old
all curled up with him.
See I even get this attached to children that aren’t even mine….
But anyone who has met our “honorary Mccuiston” knows that she is a special little gal.
Oh mousey…you make me get all teary eyed.


A bear teaches us that if the heart is true,
it doesn’t matter much if an ear drops off.
~Helen Exely

A Garderners smallest friends…{Garden Chronicles 2011

So today on my morning walk out to the garden I found a few little friends….
I so love the little surprises and tiniest elements of my gardens…

This little lady bug is taking care of my peas.  I get all excited when I see ladybugs in the garden!
Means I have kept it just right to be a happy place for them to come and help keep the bad pests away;)

And then there is Haley’s tadpoles.
Every year she loves to go down to “the pond” (really nothing more than a very large mud puddle the tree frogs lay tons of eggs in) and collects tadpoles.  She will collect them all Summer long.  Several kids on the block do actually…the “pond” is a big favorite around here!
Basically she collects them in batches of about 15-20.  They live in gladware containers and mason jars on our backporch and live off of basic rain water, mud, and every now and then she will give them a lettuce leaf.
So low maintence!  But they love to watch each day as they grow legs and then lose their tails.  It took us at least a year of this before we figured out that they were Grey Treefrogs (or at least that is our best guess).  All I know is not much kills them and they are the ultimate cheap science experiment.

After they “graduate” to climbing on there seashell we know it is time to find them a good place to find a water source, plants and lots of freedom.  I like to talk them into staying around our back yard instead of bouncing off.
After all I have lots of bugs they are more than welcome to eat and I love the song of tree frogs on Spring/Summer nights.
Today’s little fella will be enjoying life under a nice big hosta:-)

Any of our local friends who would like some “tree frogs” for there kids to watch grow feel free to come over!  Haley is always more than happy to find them homes.  Since the eggs are laid in a “mud puddle” alot of them don’t make it each year as the puddle disappears as the Spring rains go away.  Poor little gal gets very upset and you will find our back porch with several gladware/jar containers of tadpoles….LOL!
I love her passion for saving all critters…even the smallest!

Lots of people talk to animals.
Not very many listen, though.
That’s the problem.
-Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh


Christine DruidMay 18, 2011 - 10:16 am

love this blog! I was there with my son, too! It was CHAOS! And your assessment on the people was spot on. I saw moms who had kids there who had NO interest in being in them film but were only there because mom made them! Did the numbers really go up to 700? We were 157, and fortunately made it out fairly early. Though Aidan did get pulled from his line to go read, I am not holding my breath on anything! Still he had a great time and felt great about the experience and that is the most important part.

TishaMay 18, 2011 - 7:34 pm

Thanks Christine!! Just rambling my boring old life but always nice to know others are enjoying reading it :-)

That’s awesome that Aidan got pulled back!! I hope he gets a call back! We had alot of fun with it all and the people watching was fantastic! :-) Keep me posted on if he gets it! That would be so fun!
We were slackers and went during the middle of the day but didn’t get out of there till it was almost over. The last number we heard was in the high 600′s so I am just assuming they probably made it into the 700′s since the room still had lots of folks when we left….eck!

Recap on the Tad Lincoln Auditions…

Well today was the day!  Adam and his buddies went to the auditions here in Richmond to play the part of Tad Lincoln in an upcoming movie.
Now we went into this knowing….uhmmm yeah…chance are slim.
But hey the experience would be fun and totally worth it.

We were joined by our friends Kelly and her son Kevin and met up with more friends once there.  Let’s face it…Adam’s friends are all 9-11 year old boys so of course this had potential to be “fun”!  Kelly and I really secretly just wanted a Mom/Son day out on the town;-)

So we walk in and good Lord…only 700 boys trying out for the thing.  Simple process…sign in…take a number…wait…hang outwith your buds playing video games, cutting up and having fun…

wait some more to be called for a “mugshot” …then wait in line for the cattle call…

Then line up along the wall…

and then these two gals would walk up and down the line and pull out the boys they wanted to go into the audition room.

They picked 2-3 out of each batch….they all looked alike.  The boys they picked all had sanding blond/brown/very straight hair, very skinny and out of Adam’s batch they pulled three.  So they definitely had “a look” they needed.
Very handsome little fellas:-)

So I am standing across from the boys…have I mentioned I love having a boy?  They say exactly what they think.  So the gal asks one of the boys standing close to Adam and Kevin  ”So what do you think about the movie? ”  The little boy answers “It’s going to be a very boring movie…are we going to get to meet Steven Spielberg?!”  OMG!! It was over the top hilarious!  The gal handled it well and said “Yes it may just be.”:-)

Our boys were just fine with not being pulled though!

It meant it was time to move onto the pizza place and devour some food!  And yes the boys all agree that who knows..they may be called back as an extra this Fall and it would be way cooler to play the part of  soldier and get to have “an arm or leg blown off!!  With lots of blood everywhere!”…yep they are boys alright.
Easy come…easy go!


Oh and we moms had fun watching all the stage moms!  So much fun people watching!  Kids in bow-ties, full union outfits, huge portfolios, entire huge families down to grandma coming…even saw a mom chewing out the poor gal working there because “my son came to audition!  This isn’t fair!”.  Now my friend Shanon had a very good point.  She had said you would have thought the gal doing the picking could have just stoop at the door and said “yes, no, yes, no” instead of making everyone wait for a few hours to get through the process since they had an exact look they were going for.  We are thinking maybe they needed to do it this way so they have a good list of potential extras?  Who knows…I am sure they have their reasons:-)

Fun day had though!



ArminMay 14, 2011 - 10:35 pm

Such a fun day indeed!!

tisha’s 365 { #86

The girls all working on multiplication…

“Hey Jill!  What happen to Cookie dogs eyes…are they missing?”

“You dork…See she has eyes under there!”

“Oh yeah!! I guess she does!”:-)
Awe…isn’t she cute…..
even if she can’t figure out how to survive without Aunt Jill.



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