It really doesn’t matter as much as you think…

“Your first kiss isn’t as important as your last.
The math test really didn’t matter.
The pie really did.
The stuff you’re good at and the stuff you’re bad at are just different parts of the same thing.
Same goes for the people you love and the people you don’t—and the people who love you and the people who don’t.
The only thing that mattered was that you cared about a few people.
Life is really, really short.”

Today I was watching one of those “End of the year” reels where they play the lovely music and go through the list of everyone the world has lost this year…famous that is.
Such a reminder of how fast this life goes.
Most of us all have dealt with loss and when I read this…it hit me as one of those “Wow that is put perfectly!”
Now granted it was in another teeny bopper series I am reading…Beautiful Creatures (which by the way is pretty decent…as decent as it gets for a almost 40 something reading a teen book…lol).  I keep telling Daryl he needs to write a novel for teenagers that doesn’t involve vampires, witches or demons.  He immediately said he would write about teen zombies for me.
I will take it.  Can’t wait to read it…we clearly have an interesting dynamic going over here.
Until then….

And because you need a picture to go with it…because I love pictures you know…and isn’t he cute?
I bet he is wondering what life is like on the other side of that glass?
Should he be brave enough to go out there?  Who is the other handsome dog in the window?
If you knew him he is totally wondering when Grandpa is going to be done finishing grilling so he can get a sausage hot off the grill.


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