Three years down….onto the fourth.

“This is not the end. It is not even the  beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”~Winston Churchill

Three years down.  Nearly 600 blog posts written.  Tons of guest post writing on other blogs.
You guys have watched along as we have had tragedies and miracles…new careers and path’s to take…
Up’s and down’s of everyday life.
Yes, it has been an interesting three years to say the least.
This year I realized that folks have started making this switch over when they talk about my “profession”.
It used to be when people introduced me the first thing they would say was “Tisha is an amazing photographer!”
And now it is normally something like “Tisha is a writer/blogger and takes amazing photos!”
I didn’t see this coming.
I knew the whole “blogger” thing was a permanent tag when Haley wrote it down as my “profession” on a school paper a few weeks ago.  I looked at Jill and was like “Wow!  Am I?  When did that happen…and the pay is terrible!” LOL! 😉

This last few months has been tougher than normal.
Most of you know about Daryl being laid off.  The economy is what the economy is.  With the news blathering on every night about “fiscal cliffs”, unemployment blah blah blah blah…it’s not looking like finding a permanent job will be coming anytime fast.  Most employers are freaked.
But we have some things on our side.
God gave both of us talents, drive, and ambition.  Thank you God.  Much much appreciated in times like these.

We are the kind of people that won’t be waiting around for someone to “hire” us…we are the folks who just create our own “jobs” while we wait for the permanent placement.  This is often NOT the easy route.
Being your own boss is a constant juggle for time, energy and the next paycheck.  Because if you don’t put in the time and energy there will be no “next paycheck”.
No job is too small.
No job is too big.
Every dime counts.

Over the next few months you will be watching as the list of what I do to try to support my family on my end grows.
Remember those God given talents?  They were given for a reason – to share them.  My head is FULL of ideas on a daily basis.  They keep me up at night.
I went to bed at 4am last night because I couldn’t stop thinking of what 2013 is going to look like.  In a good way.
What I want to do.  What I want to share with those interested in listening.

There are a few things that have held me back from putting my ideas in motion out in the world.

In all honesty, the fear of “failure”.  Will anyone read or want to learn what I have to share? What if it all flops?  What if? What if? What if?  Yes…that one haunts me.
Being brave enough to really put what is in my head down on virtual paper and send it out to the world.  Terrifying.
But at the same time…I am the same girl who spent years wearing Doc Martin combat boots with hippy skirts.  When have I ever really cared? Truly allowed what someone else thought about me stop what I truly want to do in life?  That’s not just part of who I am.
A little different?  Kind of an oddball? Sure. Is that why people keep coming to reading my rambling?

Be Brave.  These are the words I will be repeating to myself over and over this year.
Brave enough to know that God has put us right where we are supposed to be for a reason.  I need to listen.
I have to listen.

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When I started this blog I really just wanted a place to gab and share, be myself and document our life for our kids. Sort of an online family journal that they can go back to for years and reminisce long after I am gone. So, if they want to know how mom made their favorite fried chicken?  All they would have to do is hit “search”. What a gift.

I started it knowing those are the things I miss most about not having my mother here.  The ability to ask the simple questions like “How did you make that strawberry pie I loved so much?”  or the “How old was I when I cut teeth?”.
I have never been able to ask either parent anything about my childhood in reference to comparing it with my own children because they both passed before I even had Haley and Lucas…Adam was just a baby.  Heck, I was still too young to even know I would want this info.
I don’t want this for my kiddos.
I didn’t start this site to become a money making adventure in any way.

But here I sit…the great debate.  Family needing “all hands on the financial deck” to bring in and pay the bills.
I love writing…blogging…creating…meandering the web…photography…food…farming…kids…crafts…homeschooling…teaching…
Is there a way to do what I love and make a paycheck?
And I have big plans to add to the site and potentially help the family.
As I told Daryl I know that there are those who follow along that love the part about the blog that just isn’t selling them a thing.
The day I am pushing a “product” I am sure I will lose some followers.

Here is what I promise:
I promise to continue to add plenty of free content and keep things the same around here…but BETTER.
I promise I will still be here and on the fan page interacting and being part of this little community we have, with no need for you to buy a thing if you aren’t interested.
That is not how I roll.
But come February 1st, our new adventure begins and will be rolled out for the world to see.
Let’s just say it will be the biggest endeavor I have ever jumped into and I hope you guys come along for the ride.

It’s going to be good.
It’s going to be fun.
It’s going to be free for the first few months 😉
What is “it“?
Only way to find out is to join the e-mail list.   
This way, I can make sure that only the people that really want to be involved…are.
If you find you have no interest you will always be able to hit that little “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of an e-mail.
I am sure as we build many of the things we are dreaming about, I will share on here too but for the most part…
The goodies will be going to the Fan page users and the good old fashion “inbox”.

I just want to say “thank you” to all of you who have joined in on our journey over the years.
The moral support…
The friendships…
The kindness…
The not minding my ramblings…
This journey has become the great humbler in my life.
It keeps me going and gives me hope that this world is beautiful and good and filled to the brim with good people.
My prayer for the New Year is that good things will happen for all of us.
And if the bad things happen instead…that we all have good people to lift us back up.
Now, if I am crazy (I mean “brave”) enough to jump off this creative cliff I hope at least one of you will be inspired to go out there and do what terrifies you as well.
Let’s live this year loudly.
Happy New Year!


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