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It’s a disease…

I am offically hooked on iPhonography…
I had to sit down tonight and spend about two hours porting over almost 2,300 images from mine.
Those images were from the last 5 months.
5 months!
When did I seem to make this switch from using my fancy camera to using this little phone camera that is always in my back pocket?
When Lucas came around and “the moments” I wanted to capture just wouldn’t wait for me to grab “the fancy camera”.
It forced me to learn my camera phone.  How to find the right angle…the right light…the right colors for creating a fantastic image from a darn cell phone picture.
This took me a long time and I am still learning.
This last month I finally printed up my very first batch of iPhone pictures.  I was sure they would be crap and that I would be so sad that so many invaluable images had been captured on a it rather than the other.
When the prints came I was blown away!
Sure there were crappy shots but the good shots far outweighed the bad!  It was in that moment that I realized that I had been doing something fantastic for my kids over the last 15 months that Lucas has been here…
I had put down the big camera and chose to be “in the moment” with the kids and just pull out that little phone…click the moment and get right back to it.  No hours spent editing…just click and some basic phone editing and that was it.

BUT one full iPhone with 8 GB later in memory used on my phone I finally got it dwindled down to a few keepers.  I ported over all of the images to my Smugmug account to keep them safe and sound somewhere not in my back pocket;-)
That gallery is stuffed full of 15 months of our life….thousands of images.
A very well documented life.

I like to keep some on there to smile at and go through from time to time…little clips and videos from our daily life.
Nothing has captured our real life as much as this little phone.  All one has to do is look through my Instagram feed and that’s my life.
It’s simple and I love it.

What I would love to see for my friends in the New Year?
Take the time to not focus so much on the type of camera equipment you have and focus more and capturing the moment with the equipment you do have!
If you have a “fancy phone” then you are lucky enough to have a camera on you at all times.  My favorite apps for my phone are PS Express, Photo Collage and of course Instagram.  I live in those three apps.
Now break out that phone and capture some moments:-)

“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

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