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Today is a day that many will spend with their extended families…visiting and exchanging gifts.
Many of you are going to look at this as a “chore”.  Totally dreading it all the way.
Something you have to do “for the kids” or as my friend put it “because its some kindof imaginary checklist you have to complete”.
The truth is I grew up blessed to be in a family that met up each Christmas on both sides.
The cousins played and couldn’t wait to dig into the presents and food.
We laughed and played until we would fall asleep on the drive home.
It was magic.
I look at these pictures and realize how important those family Christmas events were for us kiddos especially.
I am sure my parents dreaded them some years.  But we went or we hosted.  It’s what families do after all!

I can’t help but look at these picture and know so many of these loved ones are gone.
All that is left are pictures and the memories that go with them.
I miss them all.  Everyone of them.
As you venture on your way this holiday try not to “check it off the list”.
Hug the people you love and enjoy the moment…you never know when those gatherings may end and loved ones will disappear from the photos and your life.  Enjoy the moment.
This moment.
It’s really all that matters.

Happy Holidays to all and praying everyone has a blessed and thankful season!:-)

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