Our very own “Christmas Miracle”…

No not a job yet 😉
We knew it was only a matter of time before a certain little lazy baby would decide to join the land of the upright and walking.

After all….all of his baby friends are doing it.
I do find it mighty suspicious that he chose to start walking the week Aunt Jill isn’t here.
Perhaps one less “I will carry you every where” enabler made the difference…LOL 🙂
Probably not though since Daryl actually wins in that department.  The baby lives on daddies hip since Daryl has been home.
They are pretty much inseparable…

Tonight it just “clicked” and Lucas decided that he had a big enough cheering section and all eyes on him to do this thing called…
Only took him 15.5 months but he decided to get on board!

Of course all I had handy was the cell phone video camera but I will take it!
I apologize a head of time for the over the top….obnoxious….nails on a chalkboard cheerleaders.  I highly recommend turning your volume down.
We were all VERY excited and he seemed to love his cheering sections…
He also thinks he needs to scream everytime he walks 😉



He clearly is NOT at a lack for people cheering him on and thinking he floats the moon.
Nope…this is one very loved little fella.
So if you happen to see him in the coming month and he has a few bumps and bruises just know it will be because he also has very poor balance and my grace and elegance it would appear.
Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend!!

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