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Childhood should be simple…

I am a big believer that childhood is meant to be spent rambling around in the woods wild, creating mud pies, running through sprinklers and lazy bored days swinging on a good old fashion rope swing.
These are the things every child should be able to do through out childhood.
You only get one childhood.
One shot to know what it is like to swing wild and free as a bird flying in the sky.

The big kids had outgrown their swing set a few months ago and we passed it on down to a little boy who couldn’t wait to take home his brand new playground….
The day they hauled it away I watched from the kitchen window…

and was all misty eyed remembering the many many hours spent with my babes on that playground.  Spike running up the slide over and over to fetch the balls Adam would throw to him from the “clubhouse”…
We watched them grow up for the last 9 years on that set.
It was time to hand it down, after all Lucas has a good couple of years before he would enjoy it.  At that point we will be sure to get him a new playset all his very own to make his own childhood memories.
But until then…

It was time for a good old fashioned rope swing that even the “big kids” (like myself) can enjoy!
Daryl and neighbor George set to work last week on it… God bless them for putting up with my “big ideas” (I am sure both probably had an eye roll or two when I told them “the rope is in my van”).  Daryl knows by now though that when I get an “idea” in my head I am going to do it with or without help.
Chances are I would have failed miserably at this one without the boys heading this project up.

I was relegated to picture taking….
Which Daryl was like “really?”

And I was all like “it’s just my phone camera…it doesn’t count.  You know who you married!”;-)
And I continued with my self appointed job as the “documenting every moment Queen”….

 We discovered that George has mad knot tying skills!
And is NOT afraid of heights apparently.
Spike and Cookie also thought they would make great helpers at the top of a ladder as well…

The boys had fun with getting the ropes tight….

Once it was up the kids were all taking turns …

We left the girls to play the rest of the night and I went to take the trash out…
in the DARK only to find the girls huddled on this old fashioned swing…sharing an iPod.
“Traditional childhood meet a 2012 childhood.”

But it is a childhood just the same and they were outside.
I will take it!

I suppose it is a good thing we put it up since we seem, to once again, not be having a real Winter and the kids are out there swinging all the time!
I can’t thank Daryl and George enough for putting this up!
They rock!

“Genius is childhood recalled at will.” 
~Charles Caudelaire


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