It went the way we thought it would….

It’s that time again…
Time to visit the big man!
I must say the biggest plus to having a little one in the house again is having an excuse to visit the big man.
Believe in him or not there is nothing better than a very nice man willing to sit in a chair for hours, wearing a scratchy red and listening to the hopes and dreams of sweet little ones who still believe in the “magic”.
We once again went to Bass Pro Shop.

I LOVE them for several reasons:

  • Because they give you 1 FREE picture.
  • Because they have the best Santa in town.
  • Best reason EVER…Because they let me take my OWN picture and capture the images I really want.
Truly this is a gift and these things are impossible to find these days!
I can remember taking Adam and Haley for years…we went faithfully.
Now they have grown “to big” and the “magic” has changed…Now they enjoy being there to pass it down to Lucas…
Trying to get them to get into a picture at Santa’s Wonderland looks something like this though…

Ya I couldn’t get them to agree to getting in the pic with Santa and Lucas but a mother has to just let go of these things and agree to let them grow up 🙁
But Lucas wasn’t so lucky…
We knew that he would NOT like Santa but a family tradition is a family tradition and he is part of this family!
So sit in the big man’s  lap he did…

and he hated every minute of it just like we knew he would…lol!

He told Santa his mommy would like him to start “walking” for Christmas…
I swear he told him that.

In the end I took him back in my arms and he actually was more than happy to converse with the big man once safely in my arms 😉

“I hear how kids wise up to the Santa Claus routine but pretend otherwise because the goods seem connected to keeping their parents’ fantasies flowing. I’ve seen the parents trying to pretend for the same reason
— not because otherwise the gifts stop, but to maintain the innocence a little longer —
even when both sides know the other side knows.”


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