Going “visiting”…

I love “going visiting” with my friends…
especially ones that are further away and I don’t get a chance to visit with as often as I would like.
Friday I finally had the chance to do something rare…
“Go visiting” minus kids in tow.
It was glorious.
And so much fun!

First I was finally able to meet one of my friends I have made off of this blog.  You guys may remember my Belnemus blog post.
I am still Pining for Belenmus BUT am so happy to report it found an owner and they have been renovating her to her full glory.
I actually drove past her on my way out  to Hope and Maggie’s and she is looking absolutely breath taking.
I was so happy to see that!  🙂
Hope and her husband had been living in Texas and they were looking to move to Va.  She had read my post and wanted more info.
We gabbed….hit it off and well you know how the story goes.
Months passed and Hope found her dream home….it wasn’t Belnemus but every bit as beautiful!

This beautiful home in Palymyra used to be known as Inn 1831.  I have loved watching Hope and her family work their magic on bringing this home back to life!
Hope has even started her own Granola company! Hudson Henry Baking Co.

This is the part where I tell you that the bag she sent home with me did not make it very long…because Holy CRAP!
It was the best granola I have ever tasted!  I am now officially addicted!
Can’t wait to go out and visit again soon!

Then I was off to my sweet Maggie May…oh how I miss my Maggie.
She moved this last Summer.  You may remember Maggie…she kept me sane at the end of my pregnancy with Lucas and took some lovely shots for me with Haley Bean.  I owe her big!
Maggie is an amazing jewelry artist.  I can’t get enough of this hard working mama’s pieces!
She was having a Holiday open house for her latest work and I volunteered to “help” (really just code for getting to hang with a bff).
I couldn’t get over how many amazing pieces she had created for this!

 I even got to take her my last flower arrangement from my class…
Very festive 🙂

 Maggie worked her little fingers to the bone even that night!
My new photographer friend Danielle took this one playing with my Nikon…
Proves Maggie just can’t stop creating even at her Open House 🙂

It was great meeting all of Maggie’s friends in her new world…well kindof new world…
She grew up out there so it was really “moving home” for her.
It was wild to hear that they all had memories from Hope’s house when it was an Inn!
Small world!

Can’t wait to go out and see my gals again very soon! 🙂





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