And that’s a wrap….

Holiday portrait season…I suppose it is over.
No more sessions on the books until the New Year….last session edited and out the door.
Last week I finished out the school semester…

Did you hear that?  It was me letting out that a huge sigh of “awe….life can calm back down now” or as “normal” as life can get around here.  Life has been hectic the last few weeks.
Lucas had strep throat (I didn’t even know babies could get strep throat!?)
…the rest of us all ended up with some version of a cold/flu and I was the proud recipient of bronchitis.
When it rains it pours.

But…all better and onto the next adventure.
Christmas.  Jill leaves us to go home next week for the holiday and I keep teasing her that what is she going to do when the end of the world happens on the 21st and she is stuck in cold Ohio?!  What will she do without Lucas and the big kids?  Or my food preserving (aka…hoarding) ways? 😉
Truth is we all miss her terribly when she isn’t here.  She is part of the family after all…and Cookie will be my dog while she is gone.
Cookie….if you haven’t kept up with the blog long…is Jill’s very “Special” pup.  Sweet pup that will never be completely house trained and requires a person beside her 24 hours a day.
Very “special”.  She is lucky she is sweet.

The good news is that I will be back to blogging on a regular basis again now that I actually have some “free time” again.
I am skipping out on school next semester for several reasons but the major one being we don’t know where we are going to end up.
With Daryl being laid off at the end of the day we will go where we can find a job that pays the bills.
For now he is taking on all the website design contracts he can.  He is majorly talented in the website development department.
I think he is pretty much the bees knees and will land right where he is supposed to in life.
We will all be going happily wherever that takes us…but I will add…I WILL have my farm where ever that might be 😉
I didn’t want to take classes only to have to ditch them halfway through.
Another reason…Spring is growing season and well, I am going to be VERY busy.
I am still planning on doing the same thing as last year…working both the suburban gardens here at the house and then the much bigger one out in Hanover.
I am still dreaming that one day I don’t have to drive all over and that I own a nice big chunk of my own land but today’s world is a “do the best you can with what God has given you” type of existence and I am very thankful for what I have been given to work with.

We are trying to get used to our “new normal” of Daryl working from home…
Which by the way I am loving having him home with us, working away in the office.  It’s nice.
We have several things we are working on together…because we enjoy working together.  We have done it often over the last few decades.  The New Year is going to be a big adventure no doubt!

Today we did something that was normal…or at least I suppose a new normal.
We finally let Adam get his first cell phone.  We had a deal for being with ATT so long.
He is at the age now where he isn’t always with us and we hate not being able to keep that contact with him.  We have always told them they needed to be at least 13 but he is close enough and it really is more for us than him.
But exciting just the same.
Heartbreaking for this mama though…seems like just yesterday he was playing with pretend phones and now…yep I am a sap.
I told him to get used to it…I told him that I can remember having him home for all of three days after having him and sitting in the rocking chair just boohooing that one day he was going to grow up and leave me.
I clearly am a “attachment” type of parent…lol!  I joke that I was “the original” attachment parent long before it was a buzz word 🙂
It just all happens to fast…

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