Kindness is contagious you know….

Kindness is like a virus of sorts…
It is super crazy contagious.  It spreads much like a wildfire.
I know a few things about it but my favorite “thing” about kindness is that performing random acts of kindness make me very happy.
A few weeks ago I went on an Ikea trip to pick Haley’s Christmas present up.  It was a few days after Thanksgiving and the place was a zoo….full of people in that crazy hustle and bustle mode of “I must find the deal before someone else does!”
Me?  I was dreading this trip because I am not a Black Friday kindof shopper…I am an internet shopper.
No crowds to fight over here.
I decided I was going to go in with the attitude of making at least three other shoppers days better that day.  A challenge.
I managed to do several little things to help others days better…sure I ran into some grumpy scrooge types but for the most part I put a few little rays of sunshine into a few folks days.  It made that much dreaded shopping trip successful and much better.

I like to think that those people may have gone on to help someone else that day.  Passed on the kindness…the smile…the love.
I really think this world could only be a better place if we all took the time to be kind to each other.
As many of you know Richmond has this amazing gal here who is “the queen of kindness” as I like to say.
Patience has been one of my heros for years.  Investing her time in not only doing many many random acts of kindness but in teaching the rest of us, by example, how we can also brighten others days.
I am loving her “Be Brave and Kind” …my favorite!  I will be buying one of these and framing it one day very soon! 🙂

I was lucky enough years ago to be introduced to Patience by a mutual friend.  Life was hectic though and a few years later we reconnected when she became a photographer.  
I soon was hooked on her blog and the things we have in common are so vast it was ridiculous.
I just love everything about this gal…especially her kindness.
She admits she isn’t perfect and that being “kind” isn’t about always being “perfect”.
She gets that sometimes the success of kindness is in the trying.  Attempts count!
I needed that because I am NOT always kind.  I think we all have those moments in life.  I do try…but there are those days.

After shooting tons of clients this October and November I knew that chances were my friend was one photographer that was for sure NOT getting into the pictures with her own family.
We photographers, and mom’s for that matter, seldom actually get IN the pictures.
I decided that I needed to fix this for her.
My photographer friend David had been kind enough to trade out family sessions with me a month before and it was soooo nice to finally be in some pictures with my own family!
I wanted that for her too!  I figured I would pass on his kindness….keep the “pay it forward” thing going.
I know that kindness pays with a different currency than cash.
I decided it was her turn to receive some kindness.
“Tag your it.”

When we got to gabbing about it I asked her what her vision would be for her “perfect” family photo?
Silly String.  My friend wanted silly string.
I laughed and agreed that Silly String did indeed “fit” her family perfectly!  I knew this was going to be ALOT of fun!
This family doesn’t mess around in the “fun” department.  “Fun” goes hand and hand with “kind” you know 😉

First off…I LOVE everything about their house.
It just “fits” them perfectly.  Heck I couldn’t even find a house number but who needs a house number when you are looking for Richmond’s “Kindness Girl” and this is on the front porch?

 Yep…I knew I was in the right place.
So we loaded up on the silly string…

and off to the park we went….

Let the crazy fun session begin…no need for posing.
Just go wild and be free…

I think this one has so many things going on in it I can’t help but to laugh 🙂

I love the giggles!

So fun!

As we walked back to the house….after using 30 cans of silly string…I saw this and my heart about melted…
“Daddy give me a kiss!”

Then I insisted we take just a handful of regular old family portraits…
Even the regular old family portraits came out fun!  The dogs were even amazing!

I also knew she needed shots with just her and each child…cause you know that is another thing that is hard for a mama to come by.
Can I just add that I LOVE when a parent is this in love with there children.
When they aren’t afraid to just grab them and love them… to let that love just come right out for the world to see.
Every child should be so lucky!

and of course…she needed some with her sweet hubby!

I have to say this session was one of my favorites…why?
Simply because there was no worrying about “making it perfect”.
It was simply about Patience wanting to truly capture who her family is…not an image of some “perfect” family.
Life just isn’t “perfect” and it is very messy…especially with four kids!
Messy is simply what you make it…embrace it.
Show your kids that “perfect” is nothing more than loving them all just the way they are.



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