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And Life goes on….

Not sure there is a truer statement in the universe?  It does…it just keeps going on.
I have to say this week has been so riddled with up’s and down’s I am surely at some crazy amusement park.
The week started out rough as you guys know and by the end of it I have been left feeling like in ways it has been an amazingly good week.
I have learned soooo much from this experience.

With Daryl’s other layoffs there just wasn’t social media.  Social media has forever changed the landscape of being laidoff.
The number one thing I have learned from all of this is people are amazing….kind…and good.
We have very good people surrounding us and we feel like our beloved RVA is cheering us on.  Such a morale booster.
That people/friends/loved ones can not help you find another job if you do not tell them you were laid off in the first place.
Being open an honest…sharing our bad news…best thing we could have done.
Nothing like a big slice of humble pie but sometimes you just have to do it.
People WANT to help.  They just can’t help if you don’t share that you need it.
My friend had the absolute best advice I have ever had.  I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a few lines of her email…because I think the message is one we can ALL learn from when our worlds go upside down:

“Although I know you aren’t the “hand-out” type sometimes I think God creates situations that force us into humility and into trusting the generosity of others (bringing us closer to one another).  People want to feel useful and when you deny them that opportunity, you deny them that joy of giving. I know you know that same joy because you are always helping others. Just sayin. . . don’t be too prideful and thus deny someone else that gift. “

Such a wise, sweet friend.
I so needed to hear that message.  I figure someone else may need to hear it too.
If you are sitting in the same boat…share with your network.  You won’t regret it.

So here we sit.  A week into all of this.  Still able to smile.
Daryl has picked up a few more contracts for website creations…I have picked up several more sessions and even a few floral design contracts for weddings this Summer.  We will just keep piecing it together.
In the mean time….life goes on.

Today I am thankful for RAHL.
Our sweet Stormy needs “fixing”.  The last thing we need right now would be a shiny new batch of adorable kittens.
One is enough.
Off she went this morning to get “fixed” for a fantastic price.  God Bless RAHL for making this affordable.
One fella was telling me that his vet wanted $500 to neuter his dog!  OUCH!
Yes…I am very thankful for them.

Off she went…

I am bad kitty cat owner…I couldn’t find our cat carrier so in the tomato box she went…lol.
Poor baby.
It’s going to be so quiet around here without her today:-(
She really is such a sweet kitten.  I have never watched a baby and a kitten be best friends before.
There is nothing cuter….really!
They do everything together.

They play in the dog bowls…

They play under furniture…

and the best story ever…
Yesterday I put Lucas down for his nap.  I hear him babbling and having a good old time.
I was like “What is he doing up there!?  He was exhausted and should have fallen right to sleep?!”
I go in to his room and all I see is that he has dragged a million blankets, teddy bears and one naughty kitten into his crib for a party.
So. Darn. Cute!
They were very proud of their master “party in my crib” plan.

So there you have it…
We still are smiling and life is moving on.
Can’t wait to get our little fur ball home this afternoon.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your help and love.  It has meant the world in keeping us moving and still smiling.



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