Somebody really likes the strawberries….

Last week we took…ok dragged….Lucas out to the berry field with us to go picking with our homeschool friends.

my cuties…

Then it was time to get down to the business of introducing  Lucas to the joy of strawberries…
I suppose I am a bad mom for just letting him eat them out of the field but he is the third.
He survived 😉

“hmmm….what is this?”

“Oh wow!  This tastes good!!”


and then it became the case of he couldn’t stand to see the basket unless one was in his hand…

and then I remembered…I forgot any sort of Wet Wipe or even a paper towel!

God Bless my mom friends.
Much like boyscouts they always seem to be prepared.
Me? Not so much!
Heck on this field trip we got about 5 minutes from the berry field when Haley declared,
“Oh My Gosh!  Mom I forgot to wear shoes!!”

I kid you not…shoes.  You know the things most normal people would notice they were missing when they walked out the door.
Lucky for her we were at a farm and I personally always garden barefoot so I told her to just suck it up or take mine 🙂
Such as life in my crazy world.  I love it!
I have a feeling we will be laughing about her forgetting her shoes for years.  It has already became the family inside joke.
We all load up and ask “Everyone buckled in?  Everyone have on shoes?  How about clothes? ”
To much laughing and eye rolling from Haley…”builds character” I tell her and we roll on along.

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