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Filled With Love {The Balagot Family

Tuesday?  Is it just me or has this last week flown right by?
I only have two more Filled With Love sessions to share after this!
I should get the family galleries up towards the end of the week and will send links over to all the families that participated:-)

Then it is back to business as usual around this joint…
Ok well maybe it’s the same old same old around here at that point but I have some things to share and get caught up on towards the end of this week…
Like Lucas’s 5 month sessions and his first snow…
My new love of kale chips (thanks Mag’s!)
and other various day to day ramblings…
until then though…
Back to another sweet Filled With Love session!:-)

The Balagots….
A few years back I photographed Laurence’s, sister’s wedding.  It was such a fun wedding and his family was one of my favorites immediately!   We laughed and had a great time the whole day.  I love working with families that the love for one another is wide open to be shared with the world…completely contagious…
I knew I would love his family when the limo driver never showed for April and she was like “Let’s just pile in the mini van…”  never missing a beat and no dramatic melt downs…(at least not that we saw)  Always the sign of  an amazing family!

When Laurence said he would love for his new baby to be in on the action I was like “Heck yes!”
I mean this kiddo is CUTE!

I know you wanna see some more….

Remember to view it in all it’s beauty I highly recommend hitting the little  circle in the bottom right hand corner with the arrows.   That will bring it full screen;-)

I was in love love love with Bryson’s room…
I was like “Bryson you are so lucky…Lucas has paint on his walls…that’s about it!” ….
(poor Lucas is in the middle of being the third child…decorating got bumped to the bottom of the “to do” list. )

but Bryson’s…Oh I love the blues!

but of course my actual favorite images are of Laurence cuddling with little Bryson…
I have to say the great thing about bottle feeding is that others get to bond and have that closeness to baby too…

and that little smile…such a sweet little fella!

Love it!
Actually love them all!

Well onto tomorrow….
Next up The Bennett family!

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