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Remember how I mentioned a few days ago how sometimes kiddos just aren’t into getting their picture taken?
Poor Claire…she was so not into getting her picture taken when I came over.

I suppose it didn’t help that she had just had a birthday party….and it was that time of the day when naps are not far off.
Did I mention her baby sis Kate had been very fussy for weeks?
Poor mom and dad….
Nothing is tougher than those first few years with 2 babies in the house.
I would know….
Daryl and I survived Adam and Haley being 22 months apart and it was hands down one of the toughest jobs we ever took on.

Worth it…but hard hard work.
We always say that when Haley hit about two we all of a sudden realized the birds were still singing and the sun was still rising and setting.
We had just been head down in the work of raising little ones.

Here is the thing…
I have never…ever gone into a home or to a session with a 2 year old and not had them give me some level of this…

THIS is 100% normal for a little one…
It doesn’t fluster me in the slightest because I know to give them 5-10 minutes and it they will calm down and gather themselves…

Did I mention yet that Claire was one of my little POH babies?

I think one of my favorite parts of this image series is getting to visit with so many of my past POH babies and see the miracles they continue to be….
But now she is the “big sister!”
Check out adorable little Kate!

Remember to view it in all it’s beauty I highly recommend hitting the little ¬†circle in the bottom right hand corner with the arrows. ¬† That will bring it full screen;-)

Let’s see…..another tough one!

These two…

I love that little pouty look…
So tough being a new big sis…

and then that look…
Love the way Kate is like “What the heck are you doing lady?”

Well…onto tomorrow….
Up next the Balagot Family!:-)

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cristinaFebruary 21, 2012 - 8:25 pm

once again…fabulous work:-) you amaze me:-)

TishaMarch 4, 2012 - 11:52 am

Awe! Thanks dear!! I had a blast shooting these :-)

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