Baby Lucas Update {Week 35 and onto 36

Can you say “What a week!”.  Cause it has been a week…and a half…and another half.

Let’s see where did I leave off with our “Days of Our Lives” style life?  This has turned into quite the soap opera over here.  No worries though we have a fantastic sense of humor and are still, somehow, smiling more than freaking out.  Everytime the phone rings we all hold our breath and hope for the best.

Where to start?
Let’s start with the cardiologist report after the whole coughing everytime I lay down thing.
We received a lovely form letter, yes, a form letter, stating that I am the proud owner of 2 leaky heart valves and a heart that seems to skip beats.  Now the form letter was lovely enough to say that these things are not to big of a deal “at this time” (what this means for 10 years from now?  Your guess is as good as mine).  But hey they did state to “avoid risk factors for heart disease and kindly keep hydrated.”  Oh sure.  Thanks for answering the million questions I now have.  At least it is apparantly not a life threatening thing for us at this moment so we have some other fires to put out…moving on.

Fast forward to last Thursday.  The whole contraction thing has really kicked in hard.  But now I am off of light duty and for me…sitting on a couch and feeling each one and counting times…maddening.  So I keep moving.  I am seldom home during the day and just keeping moving moving moving as much as I can.  Sleeping at night is interesting because they normally wake me up by 3-4am and start back up.  The good news is that they are changing things…be it ever so so so slow.  We are now sitting close to 2cm dilated.

Moving onto yesterday.  Wake up to a lovely call from the general practioner.  She had taken heaps and heaps of blood 2 weeks ago to check on a ton of blood clotting possibilities.  Love her.  If she is nothing else…she is thorough.  The test came back positive for a few things mainly some disease I can’t pronounce or let alone even spell and something like a positive result on a Protein S test.  Now all of this is so new to me I have no idea what it all means.  So over the course of the last 2 days all the doctors (add in a Oncologist/hematologist now) have been consulting back and forth trying to figure out the game plan.  The issue of course being I am so darn close to delivery and the old body is already “in it” basically.  Means lots of scrambling.  The hematologist called yesterday and they think that hopefully the disease is just showing up because of the pregnancy and that it will disappear after baby makes his entrance.  He wants me to come in for a big old workup 3 months after Lucas is here and see if things have cleared up, but chances are it will be something I have to deal with the rest of my life.  The bad part is that darn heredity thing and chances are I have sent it on down the line to the kids so we will have see how it plays out.

Here is the biggest kicker of today (cause everyday seems to bring it’s own set of kicks).  As of today, Lucas is breech.  Fantastic.  Let’s go ahead and add this one to the list of “How do we deal with this.”  See I am already in the whole pattern of contractions changing things.  The good news is…doc seems to think if he flipped head down at any point I would go straight into the next level of labor and get this show on the road.  The bad news is that with him being flipped then we of course are looking at a possible C-section.  The hospital will not allow scheduled c-sections before 39 weeks.  Because of my blood clotting issues they can not let me go much past 37-38 weeks or we are dealing with even more mess.  So she is gabbing with the specialist later and trying to get an earlier date approved.  The thing is she doesn’t think I will make it much past this weekend/week and will be in there on my own in labor anyway.  This also means I have to go in as soon as contractions start into a good pattern because….being breech, blood clotting and oh, I am also Group B Strep positive just all add up to???? and interesting delivery?  I don’t know what it will add up to but sounds like it is going to be a wild ride.
Oh did I mention I have yet another kidney stone acting up the last few days?   And I am still not gaining weight, actually lost more.  They aren’t worried about the weight lose though because they did his ultrasound today and he is looking good.  Reaching the 6lb mark and taking breathes on his own.

If we do have to do a C-section it sounds like they will be working hard to keep me from clotting.  Something about lovely “compression tights”?  Those sound sexy! and blood thinner cocktails.

Funny how all of this is, well overwhelming? scary? yet we are still keeping pretty calm for all that is being thrown at us.  Oh and they are also checking for preclampsia.  Three more big old tubes of blood walked away from me today so hoping that phone doesn’t ring with anything new and exciting.  If it does I am sure we will deal with it.  Basically my body is just shutting down on me and I think God knows what he is doing with the whole preterm labor/early baby thing that seems to happen for us with each baby.  It’s like they know that they are probably safer out here.  My hope/prayer would be he flips (the sooner the better), I go into a good labor pattern and can manage to get this baby out and safe and sound in the next few days/week.  Hopefully my body will bounce right back to normal.
I just know that sometimes life just doesn’t happen the way you need it to though.   We will just have to take whatever happens and make it part of our story…very long story.

Until then…I spent a fun day with my much loved friend yesterday.  The lovely Ms. Maggie.  Love me some Maggie.  She also has a photography bug and was kind enough to take a few shots for Haley and I.  I can’t thank her enough!  I will treasure these sweet shots forever.  I just wanted a few of me and my girl.  Would love to have had some with Adam but 11 year old boys apparently aren’t very interested in posing with their old mom.  Who can blame em? 🙂

such a cutie…

Thanks again Maggie!!  🙂
I guess that sums up most of  the crazy weeks.  I will try to keep everyone posted.  It is getting hard to keep up with the many sweet e-mails, FB messages and texts but I just wanted to let everyone know that all of the support really keeps us going and is so appreciated. While life can be a hot mess it is nice to know there are folks pulling for us and praying that this all plays out well.  I have to believe it will.  Actually I know it will.  Lucas just wants to make a very “grand entrance” apparently and prove that he is indeed our little miracle.  I am seldom on the computer these days because I am trying to stay busy cause “busy” is how I handle things best.  Distractions are fantastic!

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