Children’s Garden Club } Week 1

As previously promised….
This week…so blindly fast and long all at the same time.  How does that even happen?
But it does and my “to do list” is insanely long so I am going to make these next two posts short and sweet 🙂

If  you are wanting to follow along with what we have been up to in our little club each week this is the post section to peek at.
Each week I will make a post that shares the links to what we did that week…what worked and what didn’t.

To make all of this even easier I have started a Pinterest board filled with ideas and things we have tried or want to try!  Be sure to check it out!
The first week we made worm compost bins.

Super duper easy!  Not to mention fun!
Here are the how to links:
Worm Compost Bin

Some great Worksheets if you would like to do a binder

A great “What the heck is wrong with my compost”?

and then we harvested fresh basil.
We made a wonderful nut free basil pesto recipe and made little mini basil pesto “pizza’s” with baguette bread…they were a huge hit!


Sums up week #1.  I shall work hard to get week #2 up by the weekend 🙂

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