I’m BACK!!!! Bramble Hill has rejoined the world!

Woot!  Woot!!
Bramble is back up and kicking💃🏻
This makes me happier than you guys will ever know.

When last we left off…
Life had become crazy town for me.  My thyroid went rogue and I was surrounded by teens and a toddler. Two opposite ends of hard spectrums.
I knew it wouldn’t last though but I also knew something had to be sacrificed…Bramble went on the old back burner.

But now? Oh yes life has slowed….ok no it hasn’t BUT my people are all old enough for me to make a little blog post from time to time 😉

Lots of changes in our lives and lots of the same.

Pretty much plant based eater 98% of the time still.  I do eat fish occasionally and well…cheese and I are having a “messy” break-up currently.  I fuzzy heart cheese.  That stuff is my weakness.
I typically don’t classify myself much as either Vegan or Vegetarian because it is my experience that the moment you tell someone you are their eyes glaze over, they tune out and you just know that every word out of your mouth sounds like the adults talking in the Peanuts cartoon “Mwa-mha-mwa-mha“.
Plants.  I like plants. I am not perfect but I do eat a crap load of plants.
They are my favorite.
Gluten had to go for good though…darn thyroid Hashimoto’s kicked in but heck it has been almost 3 years since they took out half my thyroid and I am still not at levels high enough to add medication.
The Dr. says my diet has definitely played into that.
So the plants stay.  I shall keep fighting the good fight to keep this little half a thyroid chugging.
“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.”

Adam now DRIVES, has a car & goes to COLLEGE!  (I feel so old but in my defense he went like 3 years early) He is still considered a homeschool student but let’s be real here…he takes 12-16 credit hours.  He isn’t doing much at home other than home work.
Haley is off to high school and doing amazing.  My years of homeschooling these two didn’t mess them up!!!  Woot woot!  They actually have both done amazing.
Lucas went off to Kindergarten this last year (you read that right KINDERGARTEN) and he LOVED it but as we have done for all of them he will be coming home next year and back to homeschooling.
My biggest fear with homeschooling him is that he will be jumping to far ahead next year.
Homeschooling allows kids to go at their own speed and his seems to be full force ahead.
Ready or not here we come.

Photography studio…yep it’s still there.  Granted it is about 75% food/stock (selling on at most of the big stock houses now)/commercial photography these days.  But I still get to see my loyal family clients at least once a year and I LOVE that.

Crafts…Well I opened my Etsy shop and filled it with “all the things” I love to make and it does decent.  It is my little creative outlet.  A place to sell my ADHD creations and help my family with “the extras”.
I will be adding my teeshirts and jewelry to this site in the coming weeks/months.
While I like Etsy and all…the tee shirt company I use doesn’t mesh with Etsy and since all my swag if zen/yoga/earthy it fits right in over here with my food, farms and basic homemaking goodies.
Goal is to have EVERYTHING up by September.  Key word “goal“.

I am still homeschooling.
I am still terrible at grammar and will continue to pester friends and family to edit for me.
I am still cooking just about every meal for this crew.
I am still VERY passionate about food as medicine.  EAT YOUR VEGGIES people 😉
I am still goofy, sarcastic and often forgetful.
I am still very very happy.
I am still buried under a pile of life that I am always just a bit behind on digging out of…but it is a wonderfully chaotic, beautiful mess.
I am still redoing furniture and walls and rooms and gardens….
I am still gardening.
Still photographing farms…added in a drone.
Pretty much everything is the same…except the family is growing up on me.

What will happen on Bramble this go around?
Pretty much the same but probably heavy on recipes, how to’s and nature….just sharing the things I love.
Easy enough.
My goal is to teach folks that eating your fruits and veggies doesn’t have to be painful.
It is actually pretty amazing!
Now…to go write up my tomatoes soup recipe 😉

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