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This is the point in the year where everyone asks me what I am reading this Summer.

So far here is the short list:



bigThis little gem…

Big Little Lies

By Liane Moriarty
I ended up with it from one of my free book sites I visit or was it on sale?  Doesn’t really matter….the “how”.
But once I started I quickly fell in love and was thankful it ended up on my iPad.
Any mother who has ever sent a child off to Kindergarten can probably relate to this book.  The one thing they never tell you when you give birth to those little cuties is the politics involved in being a mom.
It is no easy job and often you can feel like you are straight back in high school…and that is even in the homeschool mom world too!
The whole “where two or more are gathered together” totally can be said about woman and drama.

Now don’t go thinking I don’t love my mama friends.  When I had my babies I had zero clue the world that having children would open up for me.
The friendships I have made that will last a lifetime.
There is a bond there.
This book had me laughing about it all.
Then there was the domestic abuse side and well….I have lived that from the child’s perspective and the book was pretty much spot on.
This one…well this is the perfect “pool side” book!  I actually picked up The Husband’s Secret today to read at the pool (since we all know I should not be allowed with my iPad beside a pool with a three year old.
He is not to be trusted 😉 )




Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County

By Kristen Green

Check out Kristen’s amazing trailer for this one!


Daryl grew up with Kristen and at the school the book is about.  When I moved to Farmville from Ohio I fell in love with the sleepy, often backwards at times, little town and the people that are in it.
I can’t wait to read up further on the history…cause I am a huge history buff and still love visiting that little town where change is slowwwww and “cruising” on a Friday night was the highlight of our week.  I knew more people from Daryl’s high school than I did from my own.  I grew to not mind the loss of being able to go anywhere without knowing someone.
True small town living was a culture shock all it’s own for 18-19 year old me and I often wondered what this little town’s story was.  I knew it was twisted, complex and somehow the wounds of the past were/are still very much on the surface.
Can’t wait to read about it!
Did I mention I came from a town where the Underground Railroad was our claim to fame?  (and yes I am taking my kids on this tour this Summer when we go home in July)
My friend even had a tunnel in his basement leading to the bus station across the street…boarded up now of course.  The first time I took Daryl back to visit with me he was in shock.
They were having the annual Summer parade and we had Union reinactors NOT Confederate.  Daryl was all “Holy crap!  I am not in the South anymore!”
Farmville was a world away from where I came from.  But it was a wonderful year just the same 🙂




The Dirty Life

By Kristin Kimball


My friend Kati from Nourish Farms handed me this book over the Winter and said “This book…YOU must read this book!”
I am a gal that when my friends hand me a book and say “You must!”  I know that I must!  They know me and my passions.  I have a love of the farm life.
A passion to share with the masses the hard work farmers do everyday to bring images that make farm life come to life for those who have never set foot on one.
These days that is just about everyone.  You would be shocked how little folks know about where their food comes from, let alone the blood, sweat and heart break that goes into farming these days.
Trying hard this season to share images from our local Richmond Farm community and the love and passion they have for their work.  I have been sharing it over on the studio site and should be adding a huge batch of film images in the coming weeks over there 😉

It is hard work folks.
This should be a good one!  Because Kati said so!  She has wonderful taste!



The List

By Siobhan Vivian


Oh yes…because I love reading what my kids are reading as well.
I shall be picking up this one and reading it along with my Haley bug this Summer.
I have “a thing” for young adult books.
They are fun, and normally carefree.
I had to laugh one day when the kids were talking in the car about how all YA books must have the formula that parents are dead, somehow missing or just checked out of parenting.
They had a point…and then I realized “oh wait a minute!” that was basically my late teen years in a nutshell.
I so need to write a book 🙂
One day…one day….it would be quite scandalous for sure.  I should probably stick with cook books or something a bit more PG (but we all know those aren’t half as fun).
Not sure that this book has any of those things but it looked like a fun read just the same.
So read it we shall!






Lord John Grey Series

by Diana Gabaldon

johnI am still not sure why I have yet to read this set?
I am a huge Outlander fan and have read the series…at least twice…ok maybe a few of the books three times…maybe.
Why have I yet to read this series?
No real reason.  It is time.
This Summer shall be the Summer I finally read them.
How could you not love John Grey?  Can you imagine being a gay man in 17-anything?  Hello, it’s hard enough in 2015.
Oh yes…did you read the part above where I described myself as a “history buff”?  I love a good historical fiction series.
I shall see if this one fits the bill (I have my doubts that it wouldn’t…I have loved everything she has written to date.)



Well that sums up my Summer.  If I get through more or add some in I shall be sure to add them in.
Happy reading by the pool side folks!  (Oceanside if you are lucky 😉



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