About Bramble Hill


Seven years..Where did seven years go?

When I started Bramble Hill it was just my way of doing something different.
At the time I had been a professional photographer for almost 8 years and I was ready to share more from my life than just photography.  See there are a million different parts of me.
Things that make "me, me".
Photography was just one little, tiny part.

So what have I learned in the last seven years?
A whole lot.  Probably more than I could ever write about.

  • I learned that no matter how many important topics a gal writes about that it is the silly little posts about hamsters breaking out of jail or bunny rabbits going on a walk with a leash that will , without a doubt, be the posts folks often remember and ask about right away.
    It's the simple things in life...
  • I learned that when you write something and put it in a post the universe has a way of listening.
  • I learned that my love of real food...well it is a loved shared by many.  I now have a strong network of friends that are foodies, farmers, nutritionist and chefs.  I fuzzy heart them all ❤︎
    They be my peeps!
  • I learned that by posting about my favorite causes and charities I can often use my voice to help another or make someone else's day brighter.  In turn making my own day a little happier.
  • I learned that for some reason my boring, run of the mill life...is often not so boring or run of the mill.  Everyone has a story to tell.
  • I learned that I love to write.  Especially once I figured out that when I am writing on my own blog I can use whatever punctuation I would like.  I can make up my own rules and if someone has an issue with it ......(dot dot dot's) they don't have to read any further.
  • I learned that people I have never met in person or know are reading this blog daily.  They have been amazingly kind to me.  I have received many an e-mail that has made my heart sing or brought happy tears to my eyes.

For the last few years I set Bramble to the side while I jumped feet first into raising teens and a toddler.  You truly haven't lived until you are juggling both ends of that spectrum at one time.
Whole new appreciation for those of us who take that journey.  It is a somewhat unquie path with it's very own set of hurdles.
I knew life would get back to a normal pace one day that would allow me to get back to Bramble.

I never deleted it...I knew I would come back to my beloved Bramble.  It was my baby as well.  It was "mine".  
"Mine" is something a mother seldom has in her life.
 Here I am getting to turn it back on!  Woohoo!!

What will the next few years bring to my little suburban gardens and kitchen?  Our little house at the top of a little hill (aka "Bramble Hill") filled with love, animals and a whole lot of wonderful chaos.
I have zero clue.  I am well past the age of thinking I know it all...actually I feel like the older I get the less I know.  I am at peace with that.
I will bramble ramble my way through this thing called life and continue sharing my favorite meals, farms and goodness.
One plate at a time.
Adding in my Tee-shirt and Zen swag that used to be housed on my photography site...my lovelies deserved a home of their own.